2. A Journey Through the Art of DEUS MINI (Part 2)

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Salutations dear reader! Welcome to part two of our journey through the art bowels of DEUS MINI!

In this segment, we will be exploring the early concept art and the evolution of the environment art of DEUS MINI into what you see now.

This is what DEUS MINI looked like in its earliest incarnation, anything look familiar?

At this stage DEUS MINI wasn't even called "Manifest".


A short section, but I want to talk a bit about these early drawings. Most of the early DM/Manifest concept art didn't have a clear direction. I was just throwing a bunch of different concepts on paper and looked for what stood out.

Before we committed to the Nordic/Viking theme, I explored various different cultural influences mainly Native American and Greek.



The environment design of DEUS MINI went through a lot of iterations not only in the concept stage but in the development stage as well.

These early environment art concept pieces main purpose was to explore the theme and feel of the game. As you can see, they are not representative of the in-game art style.


Here are some of the earliest renders of the in-game art. This has the mix of pixel art and low-poly fully realized but will continue to evolve throughout development. One thing I'm proud of in this initial scene above is the ocean and the optimized solution I found to make it work.

Before moving to Hex based environment system, the environments of DEUS MINI were modular square tiles that can be mixed and matched together, similar to a top-down game level creator.

Moving from civilization builder open-world environment to arena-based environment.

As the game continued to evolve we made the switch from a tile-based modular system to the current modular hex-based system.  



We wanted to do something unique for the main menu that paid homage to our overarching themes Norse Mythology. One thing that we had to include was Yggdrasil: The World Tree.

We interpreted Yggdrasil's role in the game as a hub world that acts a gateway to the various 'realms' that lead to the different game modes in the game.

Full View of the tree in its current form in the game.



Shot of the lower level, Midgard, which contains the singleplayer realm and daily challenges. The upper level, Asgard, contains the realm of PvP, as well as the player's personal hub. 


FUN FACT: Mostly all the environment assets you've seen here are contained in these 4 texture atlases.


In the Third and Final Part...

We will be dissecting the visual design and evolution of the organic life in DEUS MINI, see you then!

- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Art Guy, Warren

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