3. A Journey Through the Art of DEUS MINI (Part 3)


Valiant Reader! Congratulations on surviving to the end of his expedition into the art of DEUS MINI! 

In this final session, we will be diving into the character design and its various iterations.


An internal term that we give to the people that the player rules over as a deity is 'Minis'. You are the 'Deus', they are the 'Minis', get it? Anyway, their design was hammered out fairly early in development and has been one of the more consistent aspects of the art.


These original character designs were eventually scrapped for characters that were cuter and less angular. There are 3D models of these characters somewhere, but I can not, for the life of me find them.

Animals were planned to spawn in the world as something Minis could hunt for food. They would also be threatened by carnivorous creatures.

In the transition from managing villagers in a civilization to managing troops in a battle, the color palette of the Minis had to change in order to facilitate colors that denote opposing teams.

Their natural skin tone variation and modular accessories pave the way for cosmetic customization of the various Unit classes.


And that's it so far! DEUS MINI has come a long way since its inception, and we have a lot more in store for it! I would say this project is a pretty good case study on how drastically games can evolve over development.

Hope you enjoyed the journey! Signing off for now!

- Your Sweet Baby Art Boy, Warren