Our Team

The talented people working in The Autoclave!


Zack Haynie

Owner | Technical Director

Hey y'all! My name is Zack (as you probably figured out). I do the programming and general tom-foolery around the office. I graduated from the greatest university in the world - SCAD - in 2017 with a BFA in Game Design and Interactive Media.

I originally came down to Savannah with the big dream of finding an awesome partner at SCAD who I could start a little indie game studio with upon graduation. Considering that is exactly what happened, I feel infinitely blessed just to be sitting here typing this. I'm pumped to the brim with excitement with our upcoming title DEUS MINI, and my goal is to get you all feeling the same way.


Warren Lindsey

Owner  |  Creative Director

Hey everyone! I am the reigning baron of the visual realm here at Autoclave Visons. I also graduated from SCAD majoring in Game Design with also a minor in concept art. I handle the 3D and 2D art, graphic design, and concept design here at the Autoclave.

Having the opportunity to stay in Savannah and start a game studio is a dream come true. I literally couldn't imagine myself doing anything other than making games for people to enjoy. Telling stories and crafting worlds for people to explore is what I feel like I was put on this earth to do. Being able to do it with an awesome friend and business partner is icing on the cake, and I cannot wait to share our creations with you all.